About Us

Mlilo Projects is a black empowered national Civil Construction company specializing in Pumps and Tanks, Electrical and General Construction, both Civil and Building Construction.

We also provide turnkey Air-conditioning and Fire extinguisher Services including associated project management services. We are company based in Johannesburg with satellite offices in Bloemfontein, Durban and Zimbabwe. We have acquired necessary resources and expertise required to render quality service that guarantees the successful fulfilment of all its clients. We are driven by the interest and the need of South African people so we therefore strive for effectiveness and competitiveness. Mlilo Projects was established by a group of black African professionals and passionate individuals in 1998. The company Mlilo Projects is on a SAFCEC Enterprise Development Programme under the mentorship of WBHO/Road span the strategic partners that act as guarantors. The SAFCEC Programme is designed to target all the skills that a contracting business requires to grow thereby developing technically competent and independent small black owned civil engineering contractors.

The mission statement of Mlilo Projects is to apply the skills and expertise of its personnel, its acquired and self-developed innovative technology to the construction of all its services.

Management Style

The objective of Mlilo Projects Management is to employ people who are best qualified for their respective functions, to further develop them to maximum of their individual ability, to remunerate them approximately and weld them together into a committed team capable of meeting clients’ requirements to the fullest.

Open lines of communication are maintained throughout the organization and the organization strives to maintain a high level of safety awareness of its personnel and field workers.

Occupational Health and Safety and Labor Relations are kept as the company’s number one priority.

Our experience

Civil & Building Construction 95%
Electrical Engineering 75%
Project Management 87%
Safety Procedures 70%

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