Fuel Pumps & Tanks

Core Company activities includes delivery service to the Oil Industry where apart from general maintenance work, i.e., face up lift of premises to competitive visual looks of service stations, Mlilo Projects does service work for oil related companies.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians offers professional quality and efficient services in:

  • Above or underground tank installation, pressure testing of delivery lines, pump installation and servicing of leaks and or faults, cleaning and tagging of equipment, supply and installation of filtration, digital meters, replacing of suctions, fillers, vents, check valves, pumps, dispensers and submersibles, cleaning and repairing of manholes.

In order for our team to remain on schedule certain factors are required and are in place:

  • Site supervision, scheduled and performance programmes, qualified personnel to complete specific tasks.

Because of the delicate field in which we operate in our management systems has worked to identify hazards that may be present on sites. A system of checks and controls has been put in place to make sure preventative or corrective action is defined and implemented. Safe work procedures have been designed and made available and employee training in Occupational Health and Safety given to everyone. One OHS Act has been used to give our employees the general guidelines which are needed in the workplace to protect them from occupational risks and hazards which may cause physical harm, environmental degradation and property damage or loss.

Mlilo Projects – we strives to be the leader in any task that is undertaken, as our involvement is to deal with professional clients and provide a professional service, taking into consideration our first priority which is safely of human life, environment to where life entirely depends on and to ensure that what the entire Creator provides to mankind is protected.

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Edward Silverman
Chairman, Bluewater Corp.

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